Who are all these bots?

The room is currently the home of:

Bot name User to contact Link to the SE Post Link to Readme and instructions page
Queen (SOCVFinder) Petter Friberg SOCVFinder: providing enjoyable reviewing, live duplicate notifications and cherry-picking on Stack Overflow https://github.com/SOBotics/SOCVFinder/blob/master/readme.md
Queen (HeatDetector) Petter Friberg Heat Detector – analysing comments to find heat
Burnaki Tunaki Burnaki: tracking progress and helping burnination efforts on Stack Exchange https://github.com/SOBotics/burnaki/blob/master/README.md
Natty Bhargav Rao Natty – Bringing 10k moderation to All https://github.com/SOBotics/Natty/wiki
Badger Bhargav Rao Badger – The tumbleweed detector https://github.com/SOBotics/Badger/blob/master/Readme.md
FireAlarm-Swift NobodyNada FireAlarm: detecting low-quality questions with machine learning https://github.com/SOBotics/FireAlarm/wiki/CommandsSwift
Guttenberg FelixSFD Guttenberg – A bot searching for plagiarism on Stack Overflow https://github.com/SOBotics/Guttenberg/wiki/Interacting-with-the-bot
Generic Bot Floern Generic Bot – A Moderation Chatbot https://stackapps.com/questions/7337/generic-bot-chatbot
Belisarius Bugs Belisarius – Detecting vandalism on Stack Overflow https://github.com/SOBotics/Belisarius/blob/master/README.md


Housekeeping Bot

The Housekeeper bot developed by Baum mit Augen in the room helps us to manage the room more efficiently. It runs the following services:

  1. Open Reports – A helper bot for reviewing the Natty reports.
  2. Notepad – A small notepad bot for the room .


CHECK-YER-FLAGS BotCheckYerFlags is a robot developed by chade_ to notify when a user reaches a certain flag count.


There are currently 2 guest bots running in the room:

  1. SmokeDetector – Built and maintained by the Charcoal Team.
  2. EditMonitor – Built and maintained by ProgramFOX.


The following other bots are also present in the room, but they are still under development and may not be available.

  1. Fire Alarm – Bot to check for low quality posts.
  2. Hatman – Bot to welcome users and to help kill time.
  3. Unistack – Bot to help detect duplicate posts.
  4. ArgBot – Bot to help monitor comments on Interpersonal.SE
  5. CitationDetector – Bot to monitor comments on Hinduism.SE