Housekeeping bot

The Housekeeper bot developed by Baum mit Augen in the room helps us to manage the room more efficiently.

It runs the following services:

  1. Open Reports – A helper bot for reviewing the Natty reports.
  2. Notepad – A small notepad bot for the room .
  3. Juke Box – A bot that returns a random song.

To know the commands of the bot, you can use commands <botname>.

Open Reports

Open Reports queries the Natty APIs and returns a SOCVR Report of the with the unhandled reports. The following commands are present:

o, open: Open all reports not on ignore list
`number` [b[back]]: Open up to `number` reports, fetch from the back of the list if b or back is present
ir, ignore rest: Put all unhandled reports from you last querry on your ignore list
fa, fetch amount: Display the number of unhandled reports
dil, delete ignorelist: Delete your ignorelist


Notepad adds your remainders to a list and returns them all when requested. It additionally works as a timer and reminds you of a message after a given duration.


The bot returns one song from the list of songs, when requested. You can request one by pinging the bot with song in your message. If you are interested in more songs, do create a PR to the repository.