General rules regarding all the bots

Room Rules

  • All the bots in the room have an associated FAQ and a README post. Please go through them before interacting with the bot or otherwise acting on its reports.
  • A report by a bot doesn’t imply you need to take immediate action. If you are unsure please let others reply to the report.
  • We don’t target users. Moderate content, not people – leave the people to the diamond moderators.
  • Don’t pile on comments. In some cases commenting on reported posts can be helpful, but only one person should handle a post.
  • Don’t include gratuitous links to the room in your comments. If someone is interested feel free to invite them, but no unsolicited linking.
  • We’re about moderation, not free flags. Yes, automated moderation gives you the chance to increase your flag count, but that’s not the sole purpose.
  • Some of the bots have a chat AI integrated. While this is good fun, the room is not primarily intended for chatting to bots. Don’t interrupt active conversations in the room, and stop if you’re asked to.

Meta Mentions

If the room is mentioned in a post on meta…

  • Let the room owners know about the post, as well as anyone who has taken action on the post in question.
  • Be Nice. Make any comments you leave constructive, or don’t leave them at all.
  • Don’t pile on. Let as few people as possible handle the post – both in chat and on meta.

Got a Bot Idea?

  • Ping any one of the room owners. They’ll provide you with assistance related to creating a chat interface, etc.
  • If you create a dedicated bot account for your bot, follow the golden rule of multiple accounts: the bot account must never interact with your own (including voting, reviewing, etc).

Got a bot?

If you’ve got a functioning bot that you’d like to add to the room…

  • Ping a room owner to check it’s okay. While you’re at it, post a brief summary of what your bot does in chat, and ask the room owner to pin it.
  • While all bots are welcome, it must be noted that the core principle of the room is to create bots that are helpful for moderation.

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