Can I start a bot using your code, but my own room?

All our bots are open sourced and you can try to run any of them. You can utilize the Workshop room to try and test out the different bots. You can use your own room and account, however if you decide to do that there are a few rules that we ask you to follow:

  1. Inform us that you are using our code. This not only keeps us in the loop, but also would help you to learn more about the bots. Be explicit in mentioning it to us.
  2. Make it clear on the account that it is not the original bot and it is your copy of it. In this way you won’t be breaking the Stack Exchange ToS which says that impersonation is not allowed on Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites.
  3. Make it clear in the room description that you are not affiliated with SOBotics.
  4. Do not use provocative names like “Bot’s sock”, “Bot’s copy”, etc. While they are not an issue as such, we require our bots to be as professional as possible.
  5. All the bots have a Stack Apps description or a GH link at the start. Please don’t link to that. Link to any other message which clearly describes that the bot is not the original one.
  6. Do not double flag using multiple accounts. This again is against the Stack Exchange rules, and the account is liable for deletion.
  7. Do not break any other Stack Exchange rules.